February 2017 updates

Bicentennial Park Grant – The Town of Camillus will be receiving grant funding in the amount of $50,000 from Onondaga County – Community Development Grant fund. The funding will go to enhance and improve the Bicentennial Park Playground, which is located in front of the Town Hall on W. Genesee Street.

Township Five – Township 5 will add three new tenants over the next month as the office, residential and shopping center continues building out in Camillus. Petco, a national pet store chain, is scheduled to open its 13,000 square-foot store next to the Movie Tavern later this month or early in March. The Vine & Barrel, a locally owned wine and spirit retailer, is scheduled to open March 8. Teriyaki Madness, a chain that has been called the Chipotle of Japanese food, is scheduled to open March 18. And the Which Craft Bottle Shop may open at the end of March or early April. The Township 5 building boom continues in the spring. Construction begins in early to mid-April on a new 5,000 square-foot medical building and the 90-room Tru Hilton hotel.

Clogged Sewers – What Not to Flush – If you’re wondering what you should and shouldn’t flush, here’s a good rule of thumb: Only flush human excrement. When you use the toilet to dispose of things that should go in the trash, you risk clogging your home’s sewer pipes and our sewer lines in the street. In severe cases, clogs can cause sewer back-ups in your home or overflows in the street. It’s important to remember that whatever goes down the toilet can potentially impact the water environment, so if in doubt, trash it! The two biggest causes of sewer clogs are “flushable” wipes and fats, oil and grease (FOG). Unlike toilet paper, which breaks down quickly in water, wet wipes remain intact and tangle into massive clogs that jam pumps and block pipes. Even those labeled “flushable” should not be flushed. Grease cools as it travels through pipes. Over time, the accumulation of grease can block pipes, and other fatty substances contribute to clogs, so dispose of all fats, oils, and grease in the trash, not down the drain. Wastewater treatment plants aren’t designed to remove pharmaceuticals. Help keep these compounds out of the water environment by disposing of old medications in the trash, but be sure to take precautions recommended by the FDA.

Do Not Flush

Wipes (even those labeled “flushable”)

o Anything made of plastic

o Aquarium gravel or cat litter

o Cigarette butts

o Disposable toilet brushes

o Grease or oil

o Medications

o Paper towels, rags, and disposable dust towels

o Tampons and sanitary napkins

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