Town of Camillus 2nd quarter update

Concerts at the Municipal Building – For a nice fun summer evening please visit the summer concert series at Town Hall on Wednesday evenings. The concerts are free to attend and free popcorn and lemonade are provided. Concerts start at 7Pm and end at 9PM. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket. The lineup and dates are as follows: July 5 ECHO (50’s – 80’s Classic), July 12 O’Ryon (Folk, Blues, Classic Rock and Originals), July 19 Flyin’ Column (Irish), July 26 The Horn Dogs (Mixed Party and Dance) and August 2 The DeSantis Band (Classics).

The Camillus Dash To The Splash Run will be held on Sunday, July 16, 2017 @ 9:30 AM, which will start in the Park, leave the Park at Winding Way Entry trail, run through Orchard Village, for 3 miles and re-entry the Park at Winding Way entry trail and finish in the Park. There will be a one mile fun run @ 9:00 AM which will be run entirely in the forest. Go to to visit the Camillus Dash to the Splash website! When a registrant clicks on Camillus Dash To The Splash Run website “Register” they will be sent to, the portal being used for registration.

New Development – John Szczech has proposed a development called Rolling Meadows on Scenic Road. The development will consist of 102 single family homes using 91 acres of property. The project will have four phases, with phase 1 starting this year. The plan requires that a new water tower be built to service the upper portion of the development.   The cost of the water tower will be paid entirely by the residents of this new development. The water tower may also help some of the water pressure problems in surrounding developments. The only entrance and exit will be off of Scenic Drive. There were two Public Hearings held where residents were able to ask any questions they may have had. Both went well and as far as I know most concerns were addressed by the developer.

Camillus Farmers Market – The Town of Camillus is pleased to announce the Greater Camillus Community Farmers Market.

The market will take place every Tuesday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and will feature a variety of vendors offering organic poultry and eggs, seasonal produce, homemade fruit pies, artisan breads, plants, wine, maple products, baked desserts, bagels, soaps, candles and more. Each week will feature food vendors with barbeque and more!

Trash Pick up – In an effort to keep our neighborhoods clean, please remember the following:

  • Any items not placed in the trash totes will not be collected. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove any uncollected items from the curb. Town Law states residents “shall remove any uncollected items from the curb as soon as the hauler has refused collection and, in any event, by 6PM on the designated collection day.
  • Please call Dependable Disposal at (315)472-7455 to arrange the pickup of couches, chairs tables or other larger items.
  • Camillus Landfill is open for business and will take many items that Dependable might not. Visit for hours of operation and a list of what may be dropped off.


Brush Pick Up

  • Leaves and brush are picked up on a rotating schedule during the months of April through October. •The leaves and brush should be placed at the edge of your property in large paper bags, boxes, or cans (nothing in plastic bags will be picked up). Larger piles will be noted and slated for later pickup with grapple equipment. •The Highway Department does not pick up grass clippings, however you may drop them off at the 4334 Milton Ave in the designated area. Please no plastic or other non-biodegradables. •Brush limbs should be no greater than five feet in length, or having a diameter of six inches or more, with no metal or other materials attached to them. •The Highway Department does not offer special pickups, we pick up on a rotating schedule and your brush will typically picked up within 5-7 working days •If your bag has been marked with white paint, it has been identified by our crew as containing items that we cannot pick up. Your bag will not be picked up until it is rebagged properly without grass, dirt, plastic or other non-biodegradable materials as identified.

Please do not put yard waste in the road; it is hazardous and illegal!

Lawn maintenance – The grass growing season is upon us and once again we have some vacant properties that do not have maintained lawns.  Town Code allows for lawns to grow to 12″ prior to being considered in violation in accordance with Chapter 74 of the Camillus Municipal Code, Brush, Grass, Rubbish, and Weeds.  If you feel there is a nuisance property that is in violation of this please notify myself (672-5155 or or Camillus Codes (487-8930).  Once contacted the property owner is notified to resolve the issue.  If the owner does not comply a resolution is needed to authorize Code Enforcement to proceed with a property cleanup. We will try to be as pre-emptive as possible but do not hesitate to call if need be.

Peddler & Solicitors

Have you ever had solicitors or peddlers come to your door? Most of us have,

and many residents have questions about whether this is allowed and what they

can do to protect their privacy and interests when dealing with them. Here are

some quick facts & tips to help guide you:

License is Required

The Town of Camillus law allows individuals to travel door to door to solicit business or sell

items, but they may only do so if they obtain a Peddler/Solicitor License from the Town.

To obtain a Peddler/Solicitor License, each individual must pay a fee and submit an application

on which they are required to provide their personal contact and identification information, their

vehicle information, their company’s information and supervisor’s contact information, and

details about what they are selling. Those offering items to be paid for up front and delivered

at a later date must also provide an insurance bond as protection for those who purchase from


All permit applicants must sign a form consenting to a thorough criminal background check,

which is performed by a third-party company specializing in this work. If no negative

information results, the applicant will be issued a Peddler/Solicitor License that is valid for the

calendar year. They are required to carry the license at all times and must present it to anyone

who requests it. A copy of their application is forwarded to the Camillus Police Department for

reference and referral while the individual is permitted to peddle within the Town.

Allowable Hours

Solicitors and peddlers may not enter private property any day before 9:00 a.m. or after 7:00

p.m. unless invited to do so by the resident or occupant of the property.

Non-Profit Organizations

Individuals working on behalf of non-profit organizations are exempt from the licensing and

hours of solicitation requirements that apply to for-profit peddlers and solicitors.

Non-profit organizations planning to conduct solicitation within the Town must register with the

Town first, noting the type of activities they will be conducting and the times when they will be

soliciting. The non-profit organization must furnish personalized identification for any individual

soliciting on their behalf and that identification must be presented to you upon request.

What Are Your Options?

  1. Post a “No Solicitors” sign

If you don’t wish to have solicitors and peddlers approach your door, a sign will alert

them not to disturb you.

  1. Ask to see their Peddler/Solicitor License

If a solicitor or peddler visits your home ask to see their Peddler/Solicitor License (or

official identification if they represent a non-profit organization), which they are required

to carry at all times and present upon demand. This will help you to familiarize yourself

with their name, company/organization, and verify whether they are abiding by the laws

of the Town.

If an individual fails to present their permit or official identification upon your request,

contact the Camillus Police immediately to report it (please be prepared to provide a

description of the individual, their vehicle, and the location to assist police in


  1. Record their information

If you decide to do any business with a solicitor or peddler, you should ask to see their

Peddler/Solicitor License (or official identification if they represent a non-profit

organization). If you have the ability, make a photocopy of it or take a picture of it with

your phone. At a minimum, you should at least write down the individual’s name and

that of the company they represent, so the Town can cross-reference it with our records

later if you have any problems.

  1. Don’t tolerate negative behavior

If a solicitor or peddler makes you uncomfortable with pushy behavior, strange

questions, or anything else that gives you cause for concern, ask to see their permit,

record their information, then contact the Camillus Police immediately.

If you would like additional information about peddlers and solicitors, you can view the complete chapter of law on the Town of Camillus website.

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