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4th Quarter 2018 updates

Monday, January 7th, 2019





Here is the latest update for the 1st Ward-Town of Camillus.  This information is also available on a more frequent basis on my website at   You can be added to the list by simply emailing me at  As always I am more than happy to answer any questions, concerns or take your suggestions.  Call  any time 672-5155 or email me at


2019 Taxes – As the tax bills arrive in the mail for 2019 you will notice a slight increase in our taxes, roughly $.155/ which equates to an estimated $25 on a $100,000 property; we were able to once again stay under the NYS mandated tax cap.  Residents have come to expect a high level of services in the Town of Camillus and that is what I hear from many of you on why you and your families call Camillus home.  The following is where we had challenges in our 2019 budget:  Contractual wage increases/mandatory minimum wage increases (and related supplemental costs) up $420,000, staffing for Camillus Splash Pad, health insurance increase ($125,000), replacement of 3 vehicles, Computer software licenses, Highway Department replaced 1 vehicle, equipment purchases and 1 new staff, Sewer – Onondaga County increase fee of $50,000.  In order to help mitigate these increases we did utilize $100,000 from our reserve account.  As your representative my goal is always to ensure we are still able to provide great services while being cost conscious.  As a resident, I pay the same amount as you, my neighbors, so I am very aware of this.


Camillus Senior Center – One of the hidden gems of our community is our magnificent Parks & Recreation Department.  Under their guidance we have one of the best Senior Center ’s in the region, along with a plethora of programming.  You can take a peek at their offerings but looking at their newsletter.  It is available at  Just simply click on the tab for the Senior Newsletter on the webpage.

LED Lighting – Some of you may have noticed that the Town has recently starting converting its street lights to LED lights.  The Town received a grant of $79,055 to help with this process.  The remaining costs is approximately $56,000.00 which we should recoup in savings in a 12-14 month time span.  This accounts for nearly 1,500 street lights throughout the Town of Camillus.  After the payoff period is extinguished we will reap significant savings every year.

Aviation Historical Society – As many of you may know, Camillus once served as a hub for Central New York aviation at the old Amboy Airport. This airport served from 1927 until 1951, before there was a Hancock Airport. It had visits from Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Doolittle, Wiley Post and Kate Smith.  A group of local residents would like to re-establish the Amboy reputation by building a museum dedicated to both the refurbishment and preservation of an important part of the aviation history of Camillus. It would be located at Reed Webster Park in the 2nd Ward.  The group does have a Facebook Page that details much of the importance. Also, to raise money for this project they have set up a gofundme page that can be found at:


AARP Tax Preparation – AARP will be preparing tax forms on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning February 5. To schedule an appointment, please call (315) 672-3163). No walk-ins please.


Camillus Ski Hill – is getting ready to open very soon.  As soon as there is enough snow the Ski Hill and Tubing Park will be open.  In addition to offering Skiing and Snowboarding, they offer learn to ski lesson packages at very affordable rates.  A relatively new addition to the Ski Hill complex is a Tubing Park.  For just $14 you can enjoy 3 hours of Tubing.  The tube, and a lift to the top of the hill, is provided.  There are also coupon books available at the Ski Hill that include  “buy 1 get 1 free” tubing and ski passes.  They also have a Ski Shop where you can purchase previously enjoyed ski and snowboard equipment at very reasonable prices.  For more information about our activities, please visit our website:


Camillus Parks and Recreation Update

1) A reminder that West Genesee High School is open to walkers on Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-9:00 until March 7. We ask that you enter through the west doors (Applebee’s side) and wear clean, dry sneakers.

2) There will be field trips throughout the February and April school breaks. I will send those out on my eblast as soon as I know what the field trips are.

3) Please visit “Programs and Events” and then “Fall/Winter Brochure”. There are many activities ongoing or beginning soon such as Learn to Swim 2nd Session, Camillus Softball and Baseball signups, Track and Field Camp beginning in April and Toddler Time.”


Christopher Community Development – The property will be located just west of the Village off of Route 174. New York State has granted access to the developers onto Route 174. Camillus Heights Apartments will include new construction of 17 buildings providing 60 housing units and one community building. They will offer housing for low to moderate income families. The developers did approach the Town for a Pilot agreement which was denied. The funding will now come from New York State. The zoning for the property allows this type of development. The developers did not need approval from the Town Board for the project, so there was no approval needed or given by myself or the rest of the Town Board. They will have to go through the Town Planning Board for all site approvals.


General Reminders

1) The Winter Parking Ordinance is currently in effect. Please make it easier on our highway department to clear your roads by adhering to this ordinance.

2) Our Sewer Maintenance Department has asked all residents to be careful on what gets flushed down the toilet. The very popular wipes are a tremendous pain to the sewer maintenance people and are often the cause of sewer backups.

3) Please email me a note asking to be placed on my eblast list. It makes it easier for me to keep you informed. I’ve been asked a few times lately “Why didn’t I know about that?” I try my best to keep you as informed as possible. My eblasts contain everything on the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals agendas relating to the 1st Ward.

4) For those heading south this winter, don’t forget to call Camillus Police at (315) 487-0102 to heave your home checked while you are away. This is a service offered free to homeowners.

5) Bring your prescription drugs no longer needed to Town Hall for a safe disposal. There are two disposal boxes in the building.